Is olive oil good for dogs?

Giving olive oil to dogs is not a bulletproof canine nutrition strategy. On the one hand, nutritional value of olive oil is not completely proved for dogs, although olive oil can be given to dogs to treat occasional digestion or coat issues. On the other hand, olive oil can cause side effects that might even complicate a dogs’ state. But here’s what you need to keep in mind no questions asked:

First and foremost, olive oil just as any other vegetable oil is a primary source of omega 6 fatty acids, not omega 3. So if your dog is suffering from a unbalanced diet and you’re seeking to supplement omega 3 in its’ nutrition, olive oil is doing adverse impact. What you need is fish oil or krill oil.

Another important aspect: olive oil contains calories. And if the nutritional elements thanks to which olive oil is invaluable for humans are not absorbed by dogs as well, the energy value of olive oil is still there. Olive oil is made of fats, and thus carries a lot of calories. Giving olive oil to dogs regularly makes their diet more calory-rich and has to be accounted for. So increase your dogs’ exercise or reduce the amount of regular dog food if you’re supplementing olive oil to your dog.

In other words, olive oil brings your dog little, if any, health benefit, but at the same time contains a lot of calories and can make your dog fat.

Another less important but still unpleasant side effect of olive oil for dogs is diarrhea. If you give too much olive oil to your dog then most likely it will suffer from diarrhea. So consult a veterinarian so he/she can help you shape the best diet for your pet, and do not use olive oil as a food supplement for your dog. If you want your dog to be healthier then fish oil or krill oil is a sure shot without any doubts.

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  1. We make similiar ones each year, but on a smlelar scale; for Hanukkah, instead of those little wax candles that come in a box, we have 9 tiny cups for the menorah. Those, some olive oil, and some floating wicks are all we need for a couple of hours of burning. I never thought about cooking oil acting as a fuel before we switched to those; I’ve thought about making other lamps with olive oil, but never get around to it. We do have a hurricane lamp sitting unused that might work….

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